Does Mattress really require Box Springs?

A great night’s sleep is important to keep your engine humming, and this depends greatly upon the quality of your mattress. What do we mean by a quality mattress? A great mattress features a durable bed base and offers excellent support and quality. In this article, we’ll discuss whether a box spring is truly essential for the overall comfort of your sleep.

Box springs are a typical kind of bed base with a wood frame including either metal rods or coiled springs, which are covered in a fabric or artificial material. Box springs are crafted to offer support to the mattress. It softens the firmness of the bed, raises the height of the bed (making entering and exiting from the bed much easier).

They serve as an additional covering of cushioning that permits air circulation and reduces damage resulting from misuse. As box springs are built to offer versatility to the mattress, they also add to its durability.

Do all mattresses include a box spring?

If you have chosen a mattress while shopping, you will have know that you can often buy a topper in a pair with your mattress of choice. It is at this point that you will reach a fork in the road, unable to choose whether to buy a mattress with a box spring or without it.

What is the function of a box spring under a mattress?

The reason why some mattresses feature box springs is that every mattress requires a certain level of support; thus, a box spring is used to increase that level of support.

Do all mattress require a box spring?

While it is true that mattresses require support, that level of support does not necessarily  require a box spring. Those who own and use a platform bed need not use a box spring for their mattress, as they receive the necessary support from the slats and/or strong panel. Check out


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Are you searching for box springs for a memory foam mattress?

Many memory foam mattresses are crafted to retain firmness and work well on flat surface areas, even without the box spring base. You can still use a box spring below; nevertheless, make sure that the box spring is equally dispersed or you might trigger discomfort or back pain. You can also put a 1/4″ layer of perforated plywood over it to offer the required support and air circulation beneath the mattress.